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Best Ways to Hire Great Employees When Your Business is Super Small

One of the most crucial challenges of small business owners is recruiting great employees. According to several small business consultants, demographic trends point to the shrinkage of high-quality employees, making it all the more important to look for top-notch talent who will help you grow your business.

Here are some sure-fire ways to increase your chances of hiring and retaining great employees:

Make recruiting a recurring activity

Always be on the lookout for good employees. Don’t just be in a ‘recruiting mode’ when you have an opening. When this happens, you won’t likely get the best because of the pressure to hire someone as soon as possible.

You can even observe employees in other business establishments to check if they’re the right fit for your company. Who knows? The right person may already be employed but is open to better opportunities or working conditions.

Make your business magnetic

You don’t have to be a big, well-known company to be desirable to candidates. You can leverage on being a small business by highlighting its inherent advantages –the opportunity to delve into various aspects of the business, a chance to develop new skills, and room to grow and learn. You want someone who understands your vision for the company and where it is going.

Use referrals

Getting referrals from people in your network or your current employees is one of the most effective ways to hire quality candidates. If your trusted employee refers someone, the candidate is already pre-screened for you. As a general rule, nobody recommends a person who is not qualified or skilled.

Of course, they still need to go through the hiring process so that you can determine if they’re right for the job. The applicant’s qualifications should still be the basis for hiring and not because he or she was recommended by someone.

Be creative with perks and benefits

Being a small business, it is a challenge to compete with the big guns in terms of salary. However, you can make up for it with relevant perks and a great company culture. Not all employees are just concerned about the amount of money they will bring in.

You can offer a great work-life balance with perks and benefits such as work-from-home options, flexible schedules, childcare and babysitting services, and offering a discount program from suppliers and distributors.

Post your recruitment ad on niche job boards or social media

Your small business will not stand out on huge job sites such as Indeed or LinkedIn. To look for ideal candidates, it helps to post on niche job boards or your social media page, particularly on Facebook and Instagram. Even if the people you reach aren’t right for the job, they might know someone who is likely a good fit.

If your business is small, getting great employees is important because it is likely that you will be personally dealing with them every day. You don’t need to be a business consulting expert to understand that the key to hiring the best employees for a small business is to develop a strategic hiring policy, taking into consideration the recommendations mentioned in this article.

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