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Equity Portfolio Management Services

Private Equity/Venture Capital Companies

If you have one or more of your portfolio companies that is underperforming, contact us today. We will provide a no-cost telephone conversation regarding your challenges and difficulties. If you decide to work with us, we will our proprietary assessment methods to determine if there is a leadership issue that may just require some coaching or if there are other, more complex issues at hand. We will analyze your business model, marketing, finances and other areas of the business that could be preventing your operation(s) from performing at its peak potential. A plan for improvement and/or change is then designed to your operation and implemented into the operation including all the necessary training with your involvement.

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Small Business Consulting

This is one of our “sweet spots”. Typically, our definition of a small business is one that is generating $6 million or less in annual revenues. In fact, the majority of the people we work with are owner/operators averaging $2-3 million per year in revenue. If your small business can’t grow to the next level or is ready to break out but you’re just not sure how to do it, we can help. We have a history of doing just that with other companies. If you would like to find out how we can help your small business, contact us. You would be surprised how affordable our services are for the individual entrepreneur and how hands-on we can be. Unlike other firms, we take care to reduce the costs of your project to only what is needed. We don’t fill up time with papers, manuals or other nonsense then bill exorbitant rates for it. The consultation is free is we will never pressure you.

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Due Diligence

Wanting to acquire a business? Let us be your experienced partner in checking everything out. The old saying “caveat emptor” is never more true that it is today.

Are you seeing the REAL picture?

Are your getting what you are paying for?

Are there “fishhooks” buried in the deal like back taxes or other legal obligations you may end up with if your deal is not investigated or structured properly?

Questions like this can only be answered thoroughly by professionals who have worked through complex business transactions and will pull back all the layers to see what is exactly there before any deal is finalized. NEVER sign any contract for a business purchase without proper due diligence. Even if you don’t have US perform the investigative aspect, call us to discuss your deal before you complete it.

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Interim Management

Unfortunately, good leaders leave sometimes. If you’ve lost an executive or need a leadership change for whatever reason, we can make sure your operation doesn’t skip a beat. We have experienced pros that can step into most any situation at a moment’s notice, learn quickly where your business was and where it is going and take over the operation until you find your permanent replacement. We have professionals for CEO, COO, CFO and others on a temporary or even longer-term basis.

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Human Resource Management & Support

Comprehensive Compliance Review to ensure hiring/termination documents, handbooks, and existing policies and practices are up to date and compliant with federal and state law.

HIPAA Training & Compliance for companies required to be compliant with Health Insurance Portability & Accounting Act on health-care related matters, including companies required to provide health insurance to employees.

Out-Boarding of Executives using us as a 3rd part intermediary for presenting departure options, severance packages and outsourcing assistance for the individual to minimize the level of anxiety while providing new opportunities to pursue.

Crisis Management in employee matters such as workplace conflict, legal disputes, strikes, mass layoffs and tension mitigation with larger groups enduring company or policy changes.

Unemployment Representation for defending unfounded claims for terminations.

Temporary Staff Placement for accounting and administrative positions as needed to fit the specific needs of your company with temp-to-hire option.

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Custom Services

Ask us about other services tailored to your needs and charged on an hourly or packaged structure, including:

  • On-demand advisory services for a “quick call that solves it all”.
  • Out-boarding of Executives
  • Crisis management in employee matters
  • Unemployment representation
  • Audit services
  • Temporary accounting services
  • Short-term financial or operational analytics
  • Many others as requested by clients
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Contingency-Based, Value Added Services

We provide our clients with additional ways to grow and save money. These services are only paid as a percentage of savings – and only IF & WHEN – we find them for you!

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Telecommunication Expense Management

We partner with Auditel, Inc., with 25 years of experience in managing telecom expenses for small and large companies on a global basis. Auditel has successfully recovered millions of dollars for some of the world’s largest telecom users in the world. Services include wireless management, training and comprehensive audits boasting some of the highest recovery rates in the industry.

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Credit Card Merchant Audit

Our Credit Card Merchant audit helps organizations reduce payment processing expenses. Our proprietary tools audit and analyze credit card processing and provide transparency to merchant fees and statements. Fees are based only on a percentage of savings.

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Waste & Recycling Audit

Our analysis includes finding loopholes by conducting a thorough review of your property, past invoices and pricing schedule. Whether the property is located in a city with set pricing or an open market, we know what it takes to uncover big savings.

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Worker’s Comp Insurance Audit

70% of all employers have overpaid on their Workers’ Compensation premium costs. Our team performs a review to determine if there is a significant opportunity for a lower rated classification as they are typically determined by insurance company underwriters.

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Parcel Shipping Expense Software

Our audit software automatically downloads carrier invoices and secures refunds for clients. Our processes are not intrusive. Our partner currently has an annual audit volume of $1.6 Billion Dollars and our billing is based on a percentage of received refunds.