Essential practices for safe customer meetings

Essential practices for safe customer meetings

While we are all sick of hearing about Covid and its variants, we must accept that Covid 19 has changed the professional landscape. Any business that is customer-facing needs to create long-term strategies for customer and employee contact. Your business should comply with all legalities before allowing anyone onto the premises, even if you work[…..]

7 Non-Monetary Perks That Employees Love

7 Non-Monetary Perks That Employees Love

Are you wondering how your company can attract and retain talent without spending a fortune? Employee benefits don’t have to be monetary to be valuable. When you’re looking for cost-effective ways to cultivate loyalty, think outside the box. These creative employee perks and incentives make your company a great place to work without burdening your[…..]

Best Practices for Entrepreneurial Locals

Leading a business as an entrepreneur is often full of busy days, stress, and dynamic layers. The small business landscape is continually changing, and to win big, you’ve got to reach above and beyond. If you’re hoping to gain traction and further your success in your area, it’s essential to maximize your financials, connections, and[…..]

Freelancing in America

Sixth annual “Freelancing in America” study finds that more people than ever see freelancing as a long-term career path

Freelancing income totals almost $1 trillion — or nearly 5% of GDP — more than major industries like construction NEW YORK and SANTA CLARA, Calif. – October 3, 2019 – Upwork ($UPWK) and Freelancers Union today released the results of “Freelancing in America: 2019” (FIA), the most comprehensive measure of the U.S. independent workforce. The sixth annual study, which[…..]

Human Resources Mistakes that could Land You in Court

12 Human Resources Mistakes that could Land You in Court

– adaption from The HR Specialist, Business Management Daily, March 4, 2019 It doesn’t take much to trigger a lawsuit. Even the simplest management mistake could send an employee off to see a lawyer. And whether you win or lose a suit, you’re out time and money. 1. Sloppy documentation. Most discrimination cases aren’t won[…..]


How Small Businesses Can Recover from Big Mistakes

Operating a Small business consultant can be an immensely rewarding experience, both personally and financially. However, there is always the risk of making mistakes that can impact your bottom line or even tarnish the reputation of your business.Below are some strategies (from US small business consulting firms) that every entrepreneur should know in order to push[…..]

Growing Your Small Business

The Future of Outsourcing: The Largest Economic Transformation Ever

The third wave of outsourcing will expand economic opportunity across the globe and totally change the nature of work. Since World War II, trade and technology have been expanding rapidly. Increased technology has led to increased trade, which spurs increases in technology and contributes to a constant fear of outsourcing. As technology progressed in the[…..]

Business Plan Consultant in USA

Confronting Poor Performers: 6 Tips for Managers

Author: Craig Daley Principal, Portfolio Management Group No manager enjoys having “the talk” with employees. But ignoring an employee’s poor performance won’t make the problem go away; it’ll only make things worse. Companies that tolerate poor performance will drive away top performers who are unhappy working in such an environment. The solution: Approach workers about[…..]

Investment and Portfolio Management in USA

Naughty or Nice, You Need a Budget for a Happy New Year

If you own a small business, the end of the year may not be all sugar plums and lollipops if you’re not planning properly for 2019. Financial tension is an experience that a lot of small businesses go through, mostly in the first few years of their inception. You must have heard about the housing[…..]