How to Transform Your Idea Into a Business

How to Transform Your Idea Into a Business

Most startups in the US never survive past their first birthday or fail before hitting the five years milestone. You might have a perfect idea that solves a market problem in the right location in Tampa, but without a proper game plan, your business could fail before its maturity. At Portfolio Management Groups, we help small businesses to grow from startups to established ventures.

Read on how to groom your business idea to fruition.

Research Competitors

A good business idea fills in a market gap: it should solve a problem in the market. Research the market niche to understand how you can refine your business idea to solve the problem. Investigate companies that offer similar services to understand how you can make your product unique. Check out their pricing and investigate customer experience to refine your product idea. Follow their social media pages and websites to know their advertising and marketing strategies that make their product tick. Inquire from competitors and customers about their pricing and product experience. Analyze the feedback and adjust your plan to accommodate these changes to improve your idea. Also, get a supportive mentor like a Portfolio Management Group consultant who works with you throughout the process.


Research about your intended business location to know its perks. Network with the people in the area to get valuable tips to better your idea. Look around for friends and family who can give you more insights into the business idea and area. Old friends offer great information on business locations in Tampa. Reach out to your fellow high school graduates to share ideas — type your Tampa school’s name, graduation year, and your classmate’s name to get their information.

Develop a Business Plan

Once you gather enough information, write down your business plan. An elaborate business plan should include your objectives, execution and goals, financial plan, and operational expectations. State your business structure with concrete statistics to solidify your business plan. Consult Portfolio Management Groups to periodically revise your business plan and update your goals and objectives in line with any changes in the market or company.

Source Funding

Adequate financing gives your business an improved chance for survival through the first year. There are many financial channels you can use to start your business. As an entrepreneur, go for loans or financiers to set up your business. Decide whether to use your savings or pool your capital from friends and family.

Market Your Product

When you have a unique and new product in the market, let the consumers know what you want to offer. Use different marketing tools online and offline to generate a broad customer base.

Meet Business Regulations

Identify any legal requirements you need to set up your company. Get business licenses and authorizations in your field in Tampa. Look up any compulsory insurances to purchase. Register your company and prepare your business for takeoff.

Getting Your Startup Past the First Year

Follow this step-by-step process to ensure your business grows past the first year. Ensure you research and network with experienced people and old friends in the industry, work on a detailed business and financial plan, get the necessary documents, and advertise your product. Contact Portfolio Management Groups to get help on different aspects of your business idea or startup.


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