Best Cities To Visit and Live as a Solopreneur in 2022

Best Cities To Visit and Live as a Solopreneur in 2022

Are you working as a solopreneur or gig-economy freelancer? With the right business, you could potentially work from anywhere. Whether you want to travel around or resettle in a new location, 2022 could be the year for new places and new adventures. Today, Portfolio Management Group offers the following suggestions on where you could visit or live while running your solo business.


Seattle, WA

Seattle is primarily known for the Space Needle but there are lots of other famous sites like Pike Place Market, the Seattle Aquarium, and the Museum of Flight that draw in plenty of tourists.


While Seattle is somewhat more expensive than the national average, there are still plenty of wonderful Seattle rental properties and you can search according to price range and amenities. Economically speaking, Seattle’s unemployment rate is lower than the national average, and its projected job growth is higher, making this the perfect destination for your new business!


Atlanta, GA

Although the secret is out about Atlanta’s tech scene, it remains one of the most underutilized resources in the industry. The area’s universities have helped to attract a lot of tech businesses. Atlanta is one of the few cities with Google Fiber (offering excellent internet speeds and driving price competition). Additionally, there are a number of co-worker spaces, such as WeWork.


According to Niche users, Atlanta is the 18th best city for young professionals in the U.S. There’s a lot to do and housing is relatively affordable compared to other tech hubs. Overall, this is a great place to live and work.


Sacramento, CA

The capital of California is another great city to consider as a solopreneur. It may not be as obvious of a choice as the Bay Area, but it is much easier to find affordable housing to buy or rent in Sacramento.


Sacramento has strong cultural and educational opportunities. Additionally, its residents enjoy the warm, pleasant climate of central California. If you want to enjoy mild winters and sunny summers every year, consider moving to Sacramento.


Boston, MA

Alternatively, if you want an entrepreneurial hub that has very distinct seasons, consider the Boston area. The capital of Massachusetts is one of the major economic hubs of the country and students have enjoyed the benefits of its numerous prestigious universities for many years.


Of all the cities on this list, Boston has the highest cost of living. However, it arguably also has the benefits to match. It has a strong cultural scene, a thriving entrepreneurship community and a very mature economy (meaning a lot of customers). Plus, it is the only city on this list to get consistent snow. There are a lot of reasons to consider Boston in 2022.


Austin, TX

Austin may be the total opposite of Boston in many ways. It is in the southern-most state, it is an inland city and its economic “glowing up” has happened more recently. Without a doubt, Austin is a major tech center right now. It has been attracting a lot of businesses and residents that want to enjoy the lower costs associated with the Lone Star State.


Additionally, it has a vibrant culture, beautiful natural scenery and the buzz associated that accompanies a booming economy. For solopreneurs, there is a lot to like about Austin. One study in 2021 found that Austin has the third-best quality of life of all U.S. cities. Certainly, individual experiences may vary, but every solopreneur should give Austin serious consideration.


Continue Your Solopreneur Journey in a New City

The above four cities are some of the best places to visit and live if you are a solopreneur. One of the great aspects of being self-employed is that you have a lot of control over how and where you work. If you want to take your show on the road, these destinations may be right for you.


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