Boosting Employee Engagement While Incorporating Digital Technology

Boosting Employee Engagement While Incorporating Digital Technology

Boosting Employee Engagement While Incorporating Digital Technology

As businesses incorporate an ever-increasing number of digital technologies into their day-to-day operations, some employees may feel less essential when some of their tasks are being taken over by machines. That feeling leads to decreased engagement and a more apathetic workforce. So how can you boost employee engagement while implementing new digital solutions to help your business grow? Here are four effective solutions you should take into consideration:

Improve Team Communication When Implementing  Process Mining

When you optimize your workflow by implementing tools for process mining, you’re able to streamline, simplify, accelerate, and automate tasks, and this, in turn, makes your business more productive. Moreover, it normalizes data-driven decision-making while, at the same time, opening up opportunities for automation, cost savings, and risk reduction.

But too often your employees aren’t involved in the optimization process, and they end up having to relearn how to perform their duties. If you don’t communicate with your team members about the need for improvement within your systems in order to increase ROI, they’ll be less than enthusiastic about having to be retrained and working on unfamiliar platforms. So make sure to share the “why” of your digital transformation with all the people that will be directly affected by those changes, as well as the benefits: These will go a long way toward getting better employee engagement.

Organize Training Sessions and Reskill Your Workforce

When you introduce new digital solutions to increase productivity, engage your employees from the start by sharing your company goals and letting them know what role they’re playing in the success of the business. Organize training sessions that not only teach them how to use the new technologies you’re implementing, but how those changes can benefit your teams by eliminating repetitive actions and reducing the risk of human error; thus, increasing their own productivity. And make sure to check on your teams during and after implementation to get their feedback regarding practicality and usability, as well as to prevent potential issues from developing — catching and fixing bugs early on being much cheaper than the alternative.

Allow for Flexibility in Your Employees’  Work Schedules

Thanks to the advent of new technologies such as CRM, ERP, and BPM, employees can have round-the-clock access to customer data, finance and accounting, sales order processing, purchasing and inventory, and a number of other applications. All that information gets updated in real-time, so your team members always have the latest data available on their computers and smart devices. This allows them the flexibility to work from any location where there is internet access, at any time of the day or night. As an employer, you’re sure to improve employee engagement and satisfaction when you let your employees select their working hours so that they can achieve better work-life balance.

Foster Teamwork and Collaboration Between Employees

When you’re implementing new digital solutions to increase business growth and productivity, think about investing in a communication platform where your teams will be able to gather, work collaboratively, and bounce ideas off each other. Instant messaging, video conferencing, file sharing, and other collaboration tools help people communicate in real-time, keeping your team members in the loop and on task when it comes to completing assignments. Being able to share calendars will keep employees aware of schedules, timelines, and deadlines, which is especially important when working on several projects simultaneously or managing a multi-phase project.

By eliminating redundant tasks and preventing human error, digital technologies allow your employees to be more efficient and productive. So make sure to engage them in the implementation process by letting them know what’s at stake because growing your business should benefit your team members as well.


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