Out-of-the-Ordinary Freelancers to Consider for Your Small Business

Out-of-the-Ordinary Freelancers to Consider for Your Small Business

As of 2020, about 36 percent of the U.S. workforce participates in remote gigs, and there are 10 million more freelancers working than in 2015. There are several reasons why the freelance market is growing so much each year.

For one, it saves small businesses a significant amount of money, as there is no overhead, and it removes the need to hire full-time employees for certain tasks and projects. Keep in mind that if you need financial assistance for hiring freelancers during COVID-19, you can apply for grants, and there are additional governmental resources that can help.

Another reason to consider adding freelancers to your team is that it provides flexibility for both you and the freelancer. Furthermore, you can find talent from a larger pool of candidates (literally from around the world) in almost any industry and niche that you can think of.

While you can hire a virtual assistant, content writer, or another common type of freelancer, there are also plenty of other, out-of-the-ordinary projects to hire for. Here are a few to consider for your small business.

Link Building

SEO is essential for developing your company’s web presence, and link building is an integral part of SEO. In short, link building means providing hyperlinks to other websites and resources in your written content.

To be successful, each link in a piece of content or copy must be seamless and relevant to the topic. The art of link building is constantly evolving and is one of the hardest tasks of SEO to pull off, which is why hiring a freelancer to handle it can prove to be a worthwhile investment.

Software Development

In order to keep up in today’s world, software development must be a part of your business operations. Coding is what brings your website, mobile apps, and platforms to life, and coding requires quality software development. By hiring a freelance developer, you can save ample time, energy, and money because you won’t be spending resources on learning how to do it yourself.

Also, if you find a developer you like working with and hire them on a recurring basis, it can add productivity and scalability to your business, as well as improve your workflow specialization. Software development plays an integral role in creating anything digital, so it’s one of the best tasks/projects overall for bringing on a freelancer.

Information Technology (IT)

IT is another field that many small business owners don’t think about very often—that is until they run into technology problems. While software development and IT overlap in certain areas, IT is more technical, while software development refers to creating and improving software. Also, IT covers a wider range of tasks; basically, it means any job that addresses the operation of a computer system.

However, the title of “IT Specialist” is often designated specifically for technical, procurement, and administrative support. If your computer system runs into problems, and/or you want to avoid problems in the future, hiring an IT specialist should be a priority for your business.

The benefits of hiring freelancers for your small business are numerous. The most unique benefit, however, is perhaps how many different industries are included in the freelance market. Along with hiring some of the more common types of freelancers, also consider adding some that are out of the ordinary, such as a link builder, software developer, and IT specialist. You might be surprised by how it takes your business to the next level.

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