Four Essentials to Help Parents Earn Extra Cash While Staying at Home

Four Essentials to Help Parents Earn Extra Cash While Staying at Home


Many moms and dads choose to stay-at-home because they are being mindful of their budgets, but that doesn’t mean that these parents have to miss out on earning extra income. With a few tips and essentials, it’s actually pretty simply to add to your savings without sacrificing your budget or schedule. So keep on reading to find out more about how to make working from home work when you are a stay-at-home parent.

A Functional & Fully Stocked Home Office

Working from your couch may be convenient but it’s not the best strategy for staying productive. If you want to keep your kids, the TV and other distractions from diminishing your focus, you really need your own home office. Filling that home office with some essential gear will ensure this space maximizes your productivity.

At the very least, make sure that you have a quality PC or laptop, a functional desk and a comfortable chair. You’ll probably want to pick up some basic office supplies too, but all of these purchases don’t have to put a huge dent in your budget. Especially since you can use promo codes and coupons from stores like Staples to score all of your must-have office tech, gear and supplies for the lowest prices possible.

Structured Routines & Clear Boundaries

Creating a home office is a proven strategy for working from home with kids, and preserving your sanity. Still, it never hurts to have a few more work from home hacks up your sleeve to avoid distractions and maintain balance for your family.

One of the most crucial of these tips is to establish clear boundaries with your children before your workday begins. Letting your kids know what you expect from them will help minimize interruptions throughout the day, although there are sure to be exceptions.

Thankfully, working remotely will give you the freedom and flexibility to work around these exceptions. It can also be helpful to have a few activities to keep toddlers and younger children occupied during your work hours, including creative projects.

Safe, Secure & Reliable Internet Connections

A home office and organized routines are essential if you want to be productive in your new position, but you’re also going to need a top-notch internet connection. If you’re not sure whether your current service will work, you can test upload and download speeds using online tools. Sometimes these tests can reveal problems you never even knew existed, which may warrant a service call to your current provider or a switch, so you can get the most for your money.

Security and safety is also important when you are working online from home, especially when your kids are in the picture. Reviewing free online tips regarding cybersecurity, online safety for families and identity theft prevention is crucial for protecting your information.

Flexible Freelance & Remote Opportunities

All of the tips, essentials and gear mentioned above can be critical for maintaining your focus while you work from home. Before you can put these helpful elements to good use, however, you need a flexible and fitting remote position.

One suggestion is to think about starting an ecommerce business, and there are plenty of online guides to help get you started. Little to no overhead or storage is necessary, and you can select products you believe in for your business.

For many stay-at-home parents, the best option for working from home is freelancing. Freelancing will allow you to work from home as little or as much as you need, plus businesses are always looking to hire freelancers to help them with a variety of projects. These projects include IT, writing, marketing, web development, customer service and so much more.

If you would like more help getting your remote business off of the ground, you can always seek the advice of an experienced business consultant like Portfolio Management Group. Their expertise and experience can put you into a position for success—right from the comforts of your home!

As a stay-at-home parent, you’re used to solving challenges and multi-tasking. You definitely have what it takes to start earning a little extra cash on the side, especially when paired with these tips and resources. That income and professional growth can come in handy, and you don’t need to sacrifice a thing.

Gwen Payne is a stay-at-home mom with an entrepreneurial spirit. Over the years, she has mastered raising her two daughters while side hustling to success through small ventures based on her passions — from dog walking to writing to ecommerce. With she hopes to show other stay-at-home parents how they can achieve their business-owning dreams.


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