About Us

After over 25 years of successful business operations and entrepreneurship, we decided to take another direction. We now share our expertise and background with other companies and individuals because we enjoy seeing younger companies succeed. If we can be part of that success, then we have accomplished our mission. We are a small group of dedicated business professionals who use our proven expertise and background to find improvements and change that we know will improve business operations and sustain growth with profitability.

Our Approach


We take a methodical and in-depth look at your operation from all aspects. During this period you will brief us on your history, concerns and challenges in your perspective. We will look at the financial, operational and marketing performance of the company. We will delve in to your business processes and the efficiency of the operation. After a 1-2 day assessment of the business, (sometimes performed remotely) we will provide you an outline of our findings.


We will develop and present a project plan on how we plan to convert those findings to actionable steps for positive change, improvement in efficiencies, operational and financial improvements, along with a cost estimate and timeline. At that point, you can choose to move forward with us, or take our plan and implement it yourself. Most clients don’t choose to “go it alone” as it probably hasn’t worked that well to this point. The plan and report and will be an insightful look at your business and provide you with another way of seeing opportunities for growth and profit improvement.


Once you have reviewed the Project Plan and decided to move forward with us, our Principal, Craig Daley, will personally run your project and oversee every aspect of its implementation. That is how we ensure your success. We become your business partner in developing and implementing the recommendations of our plan and teach you how your new operation will run. We don’t create a “manual” then leave it for you to gather dust on the shelf. Your involvement will play a vital role in understanding the steps we take to grow revenues, decrease your costs and ultimately, improve your bottom line.

Craig Daley

Craig Daley


Craig Daley holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Oklahoma State University and has had a distinguished 30-year career in business, management and turnaround projects for distressed businesses. He spent over 20 years in upper and senior management in full-service hotel operations while managing budgets with total operations responsibility. Most recently, he was the Founder and CEO of Comfort Medical Supply, LLC, a nationally-accredited home medical equipment company that grew to national acclaim and a 3-time recipient of the Inc 500, “Fastest Growing Privately-Held Companies in America” award. Under his guidance, the company formed with $20,000 in 2003 and grew to $12 million in 10 years.

After a successful acquisition of Comfort by a private equity group in 2011 and continuing his tenure with Comfort as Chairman and CEO, Daley resigned in early 2013. Now semi-retired, he provides interim executive management, consulting and financial services for all types of businesses on a global scale.

Daley has been highly-endorsed for strategic planning, change management and growing small to medium size businesses over the years. His numerous skill set includes financial analysis, restructuring business models to maximize efficiency, organizational structure and marketing. Daley’s primary philosophy is one of “thinking outside of the box” while utilizing the workforce team to be involved in developing solutions to various challenges.


Rebecca Moore, MBA

Partner & CFO

Rebecca “Becky” Moore holds a Master’s in Accountancy from the University of Phoenix and two Bachelor’s degrees, Accounting and Chemistry, respectively. She is eligible to sit for the FL CPA exam and has an impressive background of 15 years in numerous industries.

Her professional experience started with a CPA firm as Auditor, where she was actively involved in annual audits for companies in excess of $200 million, including public, private and non-profit organizations. Becky has broad-based business experience in many industries with Managerial Accounting experience in real estate management, time-share, golf club (notably Myrtle Beach National) and leisure, major newspaper media companies, medical equipment and insurance accounting at the management and statutory levels. She has held positions such as Controller, Accounting Manager and Chief Financial Officer.

Her experience in larger as well as mid-sized companies has provided Becky with the skills and vast knowledge of the proper accounting principles, including GAAP to be applied to individual business types while ensuring each individual company and client is positioned financially for success. Becky is personally involved in initial company assessments from the financial perspective while monitoring and implementing internal controls to restructuring of operations to maximize and protect assets.